MLB Rumors: 3 obvious David Ross replacements the Cubs should avoid

If the Chicago Cubs do fire David Ross after their late-season collapse, they should avoid some rather obvious replacement candidates.

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Chicago Cubs manager David Ross took the blame for the team's late-season collapse eventually, though it took some time. Ross is a former fan favorite as a player. Leading Chicago to the playoffs would have been one heck of a season, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

“We’re in this together,” Ross said, per The Athletic. “I wouldn’t separate myself from any player, front office, coach. If we don’t get to where we want to get to, I’m the head of the team. I’m the manager of this team. The blame should come on me first.”

It's unclear if Chicago intends on keeping Ross at this point in time. If they do, he'll be under immense pressure from the front office to succeed next season, especially with the amount of money this ownership group invested in the roster in 2023.

If the Cubs do move on from Ross, there are plenty of obvious replacements out there. However, some who are familiar with the Chicago media landscape should be avoided at all costs.

Cubs David Ross replacements to avoid: Joe Maddon

This one is obvious, isn't it? Chicago and Joe Maddon moved on a long time ago, despite the veteran manager leading the Cubs to its 2016 World Series crown. The Cubs were a great story that year, but the aftermath was not pretty.

Maddon will manage again someday, but it's unlikely to come with a Cubs organization which understands just how much control Maddon wants with any franchise that hires him in the first place. Maddon himself isn't convinced that his next opportunity will come in the dugout. Instead, it could be the front office.

“I’m observing very closely,” Maddon said, per The Athletic. “I’m watching the game and what’s going on. … I believe that my skill set works with any group, in any decade of the game of baseball, and I’m very happy about that. So if I get the opportunity, I’m absolutely going to be into it. But to this point, none … and I think the reason why is because I am a little bit outspoken about all this.”

Maddon is very opinionated, and while that would work wonders with most teams, the Cubs are headed in the right direction. They need a manager who can help take them to the next level. Maddon would be better served with a different franchise.