MLB Rumors: 3 way-too-early favorites for Japanese ace Roki Sasaki

The next big thing to come to MLB from Japan will be Japanese ace Roki Sasaki. Assuming he will be cleared to make the switch next offseason, here are three way-too-early favorites to land him.
Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks v Chiba Lotte Marines
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New York Mets

One of the biggest losers of the 2023 offseason was the New York Mets. Not only did they miss out on both Ohtani and Yamamoto, but they haven't been able to attract any big-name free agents in quite some time. Steve Cohen has seemingly endless funds, yet it hasn't been enough to do much thus far this offseason.

Since the Mets haven't spent much this offseason, they will still have plenty of money to spread around to offer free agents for next winter as well -- with pitching being a desperate need for the club, Sasaki would have to be at the top of their priority list.

The crosstown rival New York Yankees may also be involved in the pursuit of Sasaki's services, but, the Yankees will also be focusing on keeping Gerrit Cole in town and avoiding his opt-out. If Sasaki wants to be the guy a franchise is built around and trusts the Mets front office to put pieces around him to make them a successful franchise again, Queens will be considered.