MLB Rumors: 4 teams that desperately need Matt Chapman with Bellinger signed

Cody Bellinger is officially sticking with the Chicago Cubs, which puts Matt Chapman's free agency on center stage.

Matt Chapman, Toronto Blue Jays
Matt Chapman, Toronto Blue Jays / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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2. Giants can reunite Matt Chapman with Bob Melvin

The San Francisco Giants have been a popular hypothetical landing spot for Matt Chapman throughout the winter. Now, with Bellinger off the table, perhaps Pete Putila and the front office can redouble their efforts. The Giants would need to shift a few pawns around the infield — primarily finding a solid position for Wilmer Flores — but Chapman's bat-glove combo is well worth it.

San Francisco has been one of the busier teams in free agency. Fresh off a disappointing season that ended with Gabe Kapler's exodus, the Giants are looking to keep pace with the extremely lucrative Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West, not to mention the reigning league champs in Arizona. It's a cutthroat division, which is why longtime MLB manager Bob Melvin was brought in to right the ship.

As luck would have it, Chapman spent a lot of time with Melvin during their shared tenures with the soon-to-be-defunct Oakland Athletics. That familiarity could increase the appeal of San Francisco as a destination, especially if it comes down to Chapman accepting an offer that falls short of his initial asking price. A one or two-year contract feels unlikely at Chapman's age, but if that's how the proverbial cookie crumbles, he'd probably feel best about it next to a coach he knows on a deep level.

Chapman would also put the cherry on top of San Francisco's offensive renaissance. The Giants fell short of Ohtani and Soto as well, but additions like Jung Hoo Lee and Jorge Soler figure to completely revamp the Giants' presence on the scoreboard. Chapman can plug right into the middle of the lineup and offer another source of right-handed power.

If the Giants are serious about making the playoffs, this move is right there for the making.