MLB Rumors: 5 teams who can save Pete Alonso from Mets 'limbo' a year early

The New York Mets are stuck in limbo with Pete Alonso. These teams should get David Stearns on the phone.
Pete Alonso, New York Mets
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1. New York Yankees can trade for Pete Alonso

The New York Yankees reacted to their postseason whiff as expected, with an aggressive winter from Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner. Few teams can match the Yankees' spending power when motivated. Even fewer teams can match their organizational prestige. Players want to wear the pinstripes and play in Yankee Stadium.

In a recent appearance on SNY's Baseball Night in New York, host Sal Licata hinted at Alonso's potential willingness to leave Queens and journey to the Bronx.

"I’m not 100 percent certain that Alonso is all about being a lifelong Met. I think it’s very possible that he may prefer, the two teams that I’ve heard — [Cubs, Yankees]."

That's a point in favor of Chicago, but of course the Yankees will draw the most buzz as a potential Alonso landing spot. It would physically pain the Mets (and especially Mets fans) to watch Alonso playing for their cross-town rivals, but if New York comes with a serious offer, it's front office malpractice not to consider the deal. It would be especially beneficial for the Mets to punt Alonso to the American League in the event of a trade.

The Yankees have history with Scott Boras. The Yankees will have to focus on re-signing Juan Soto in the offseason, too, but the Yankees are liquid enough to hand out two major long-term deals in the same winter. It can't hurt that both share the same agent. An Alonso trade could add stress to the Yankees' 2025 schedule, but that's the price of contention. It's the price of being the Yankees.

Planting Alonso next to Soto and Aaron Judge in the same lineup is... tantalizing as a concept, to say the least. The Yankees certainly warrant monitoring here. No team can feel better about its chances of keeping Alonso in free agency.

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