MLB Rumors: Alex Bregman gone, Mets pick up pace, Burnes trade detail

  • Does Alex Bregman have one foot out the door in Houston?
  • The New York Mets interest in JD Martinez proves their urgency.
  • Not even Scott Boras knew about the Orioles-Corbin Burnes trade.

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MLB Rumors: Not even Scott Boras knew about the Orioles-Corbin Burnes trade

Late last week, the Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles pulled off a blockbuster trade, with right-hander Corbin Burnes being the centerpiece of the deal. Burnes was sent to Baltimore in exchange for shortstop Joey Ortiz, left-hander DL Hall, and a 2024 Competitive Balance draft pick.

Many Brewers fans were left wondering why Milwaukee ultimately kicked the tires on this trade, especially after they signed Rhys Hoskins to a two-year deal.

FanSided's Robert Murray explained why the move ultimately took place, pointing to last year's arbitration hearing as the moment when Burnes' relationship with the Brewers was fractured beyond repair.

"There's no denying that the relationship is definitely hurt from what transpired," Burnes said at the time. "When some of the things that are said - for instance, they basically put me at the forefront of the reasons why we didn't make the postseason. That's something that probably doesn't need to be said."

Interestingly, Burnes' agent, Scott Boras was not aware of the trade until Burnes called him to inform him.

Brewers General Manager Matt Arnold called Burnes to inform him of the deal. Orioles General Manager Mike Elias followed up with a call to welcome Burnes to Milwaukee.

It wasn't until Burnes phoned Boras that he was made aware of the deal.

Ultimately, what took place back in 2023 gives the Brewers a bad look. Burnes was their ace for several years and still had a solid 2022 season despite the Brewers missing the postseason. The former Cy Young went 12-8 with a 2.94 ERA.

Even amidst their second-half collapse following the Josh Hader trade, Burnes was a bright spot, so the idea of him being blamed for their struggles is certainly confusing.

But it is clear that the relationship between Burnes and the Brewers was damaged beyond repair at that point, with that ultimately being the deciding factor in the trade with the Orioles.

Baltimore now has a chance to defend its AL East title with Burnes as their ace. As for the Brewers, it is unknown what direction they will go after the trade.