MLB Rumors: Braves-Red Sox trade hype, Orioles Cease pivot, Jorge Soler favorite

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MLB Rumors: Braves-Red Sox trade hyped as 'best for both sides' deal

It's been an overall quiet offseason for both the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox, specifically when you look at the moves (or overall lack thereof) that each club has made in free agency thus far. However, the two organizations did make some waves this offseason by getting together for one of the most interesting trades of the offseason as the Braves sent infielder Vaughn Grissom to the Red Sox in exchange for veteran lefty Chris Sale.

In the immediate wake of the trade, both sides appeared to be pleased. Sale needed a fresh start after injuries marred recent seasons in Boston and the Braves needed a proven starter to supplement the rotation. On the flip side, there wasn't a clear path to playing time for Grissom with Atlanta, but the Red Sox had a big hole at second base, his natural position.

And one MLB insider still agrees that this could be one of the best trades of the offseason in how it helps both sides. Jim Bowden of The Athletic ($) handed out midway offseason superlatives and named the Grissom-Sale trade the "Best trade for both sides":

"The Braves–Red Sox swap of Vaughn Grissom for Chris Sale (and cash). The Red Sox got their long-term solution at second base (Grissom) as they rebuild their roster. The Braves added a much-needed starting pitcher (Sale) to their rotation, which increases their chances of repeating as NL East winners and boosts their bid to win another World Series. This trade should work well for the Braves in the short term and the Red Sox in the long term."

Yes, Grissom in Boston and Sale in Atlanta might not have the same impact as Juan Soto on the New York Yankees, individually. However, when you consider a trade having an immediate positive impact on both teams, then there's no better trade than this one.

The truth of the matter, though, is that the positive impact is far more likely to be felt by the Braves than the Red Sox, simply because the latter has not done enough to reshape its roster from the one that finished last in the AL East a year ago. Atlanta, meanwhile, is set to contend for a World Series once again, which Sale will play a large role in.

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