MLB Rumors: Surprise Yelich trade, Red Sox-Yamamoto downer, Ohtani opt out

  • Shohei Ohtani can opt out of his historic deal after all
  • Red Sox might not engage in Yamamoto bidding war
  • Could Chrisitan Yelich be on the move?

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MLB Rumors: Red Sox appear unlikely to engage in massive Yoshinobu Yamamoto bidding war

The Boston Red Sox are one of several big market teams that are reportedly in on Japanese right-hander Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Boston needs pitching help desperately, after once again having one of the worst staffs in the American League this past season.

Yamamoto would be a great fit and Boston is expected to be involved in the bidding, but Alex Speier of the Boston Globe says that few in the industry expect the Red Sox to actually win a Yamamoto bidding war. If he signs for the most money, it's unlikely the Red Sox would be the team to offer it.

This is a big blow for Red Sox fans as their team really needs pitching help. Adding a 25-year-old ace for nothing more than money is something you'd think the Red Sox would be all over, but they've been rather cheap in recent years and it looks like that'll remain the case with Yamamoto.

With the bidding expected to go well over $200 million and possibly over $300 million it's not surprising to see the Red Sox down on their chances, but it would've been nice for them engage in a bidding war they're more than capable of being involved in alongside other big market teams when this player would fill such a huge hole.