MLB Rumors: Cubs-Cease trade grade, Red Sox rebuild, Correa reflects

  • What a Dylan Cease trade to the Cubs might look like.
  • The Boston Red Sox may look to rebuild instead of signing Jordan Montgomery.
  • Carlos Correa reflects on his free-agency chase from last winter.

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MLB Rumors: Carlos Correa reflects on 2022-23 free agency drama

Back in 2022, Carlos Correa came very close to signing with both the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets.

However, both deals ultimately fell through due to an issue with Correa's ankle being flagged by team doctors during his physical.

As a result, Correa's free agency period was extended into 2023, and he ultimately ended up taking a lesser contract to return to the Minnesota Twins after he had previously opted out.

A little over a year later, Correa reflected on the deals with the Giants and Mets that never came to fruition, and it seems as though the veteran shortstop has moved on from the issue and doesn't hold any ill will towards the two organizations.

"I'm a simple guy. I'm a chill guy," Correa said on Saturday. "I don't hold grudges. It's just the nature of the sport. It's the nature of business. You have to move on. You can't let that consume you."

And the failed deals with the Giants and Mets have done anything but consume Correa, who is happy to still be a member of the Twins.

"It'll probably never happen in baseball again," Correa said of his two failed contracts. "But at the same time, that led me here, and I'm very happy with that."

Correa ultimately is glad that the deals didn't work out, and he even went as far as to say that had either of those contracts come to fruition, it wouldn't have been the best situation for he and his family.

"This is a better situation for what I want in the future, and how much I want to be present in my kids' life."

Things worked out quite well for Correa and the Twins, who won the AL Central and even won their first playoff series since 2002.