MLB Rumors: Grading 3 items on the San Francisco Giants' offseason wish list

The San Francisco Giants will once again be star hunting, and Shohei Ohtani figures to be atop their wish list this offseason.

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Giants offseason wishlist: 2. Pursue Shohei Ohtani

If the Giants’ pursuit of Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa is any indication, they will aggressively pursue Ohtani in free agency. And that they have the money to pull it off.

To sign Judge, the Giants likely would have been required to go to at least $400 million. Ohtani is expected to command a contract north of $500 million despite not being able to pitch in 2024 after suffering a torn right UCL (he will be able to DH, however).

Adding Ohtani would be a franchise-altering signing for the Giants. One, it would make the biggest name in baseball history the face of their franchise. It would result in their season tickets being instantly sold out, not to mention add significant revenue through TV and merchandise. Oh, and not to mention it would drastically improve their offense in 2024 and beyond.

It’s something that the Giants should, and very likely will, pursue. Just how likely it is remains anyone’s guess as the entire world waits to figure out where Ohtani heads in free agency.

Likelihood the Giants sign Ohtani: 4/10.