Jordan Montgomery rumors: Ranking 5 suitors as offseason slows to a crawl

Jordan Montgomery remains available into mid-February and would be a big addition for any of these five teams.

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4) The Phillies can create an elite three-headed monster in their starting rotation by adding Jordan Montgomery

The Philadelphia Phillies landed one of the top pitchers available this offseason by re-signing Aaron Nola on a big deal. Bringing Nola back was a must for a Phillies team trying to get over the hump and win the World Series in 2024, but adding more to a rotation that could use another arm makes some sense.

The Phillies have one of the best duos in the National League with Zack Wheeler and Nola, but the rest of the staff leaves a lot to be desired. Ranger Suarez had a bit of a disappointing 2023 and has never made 30+ starts in a season. Taijuan Walker faltered down the stretch to the point where he simply was not used in the playoffs. Cristopher Sanchez pitched really well out of nowhere in 2023 but is another guy they'd likely prefer to bypass in a postseason series.

Adding Montgomery gives the Phillies a trio every National League team will fear with him joining Wheeler and Nola. They'd have arguably the best rotation in the National League by adding Monty.

The only question here is will they be willing to add another massive contract to their long list of big-money deals. It'd be foolish to count the Phillies out with how much they've spent in recent offseasons, but it's probably unlikely barring a big price drop. Still, Bob Nightengale of USA Today pegging the Phillies as a potential sleeper team for Montgomery has to mean something, right?