MLB rumors: Oli Marmol replacement, Angels open to Trout trade, best FA pitcher available

  • A Cy Young candidate is expected to be available in free agency this winter
  • The Angels are open to trading Mike Trout, but it depends on one thing
  • A possible Oli Marmol replacement could be available

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It might be an NFL Sunday, but Bob Nightengale sure added some spice to the pot on the MLB rumors side of things with his latest column. Here are three of the most important rumors, as I see them, from his latest column.

Blake Snell likely to become available this offseason

Blake Snell could very well be the NL Cy Young winner this year. His middle-of-the-road win-loss record and confusingly high walk rate (and thus, WHIP, too) are some of the only things standing in the way at this point (that and a white-hot Justin Steele). One would think it would be a priority for the San Diego Padres to bring him back.

Evidently not. The Padres don't plan to re-sign the 2.52 ERA pitcher this offseason, all but making it certain he will be one of the best pitchers available in free agency this season.

Nightengale reports that Snell could land up to $200 million on the free agent market this offseason.

The Padres are in an awkward spot. They have a ton of talent, but sit second-to-last in the NL West and do not appear in the running for a playoff spot. It may be that the talent doesn't fit well together, and as such, San Diego could look to retool various parts of the roster. Perhaps the starting rotation, and Snell's spot as the ace is part of that.

They may also be looking at that aforementioned walk rate and be worried that luck could run out sooner than later.