Nephew of Cubs legend Sammy Sosa signing with NL Central rival

Sammy Sosa was a home run king for the Chicago Cubs, but now his 16-year-old nephew, Anthony Sosa, is signing with a division rival.

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On Tuesday, it was reported by Héctor Gómez that Sammy Sosa’s nephew, Anthony Sosa, will be signing with Chicago Cubs' division rival, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

When it comes to Dominican players, Gómez typically has an inside scoop. In this instance, he's had an eye on the young legacy player for quite some time.

Anthony Sosa is a 16-year-old who can play outfield and shortstop. The signing bonus is $100,000, which isn't too much for a player of the same bloodline as Sammy Sosa -- even one who would just be getting his driver's license in the United States.

With a swing like this (from August 2022 too!), though, it's hard to think he doesn't look worth it.

There isn’t much information out about Anthony Sosa, but many expect him to be a good contact-hitter with quite a bit of power in his bat. The $100,000 signing bonus means there wasn’t much interest in him, but if he even makes it to the Majors, it would be worth it.

Anthony Sosa has major potential following in Sammy Sosa's footsteps

At just 16 years old, it’s worth taking a shot on him for the Pirates, but not much is known about him besides a few videos and what people say.

Regardless of how much has been seen from him so far, there has been talent that often goes under the radar, like when Fernando Tatis Jr. was traded to the San Diego Padres from the Chicago White Sox because they didn’t understand his full potential as a 16-year-old player.

Sammy Sosa finished his career as a Hall of Famer, but due to possible steroid use, he won’t ever make it. In his career, he hit 609 home runs and had 2,408 hits. If his nephew can even take on 20% of the talent Uncle Sammy had, then this could be a good signing.

All told, it’s too soon to tell what the future is like for Anthony Sosa -- but bloodlines don’t lie and it's worth having some early excitement if you're a Pirates fan.