Most touchdowns scored in a Super Bowl

Fans are hoping the next iteration of the Super Bowl is a high-scoring affair. Here are some of the offensive high water marks in NFL history.

Super Bowl XXIX - San Diego Chargers v San Francico 49ers
Super Bowl XXIX - San Diego Chargers v San Francico 49ers / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Some Super Bowls are defined by defense. Others are defined by the onslaught of scoring. With Super Bowl LVIII coming up, most fans are hoping the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs can deliver one with plenty of touchdowns.

While defense is certainly to be appreciated, I think we can all admit that the scoring plays and high-performing offenses are what make the games fun. No one really wants a 13-7 Super Bowl, except perhaps retired defensive players who appreciate that phase of the game more than anyone.

As we wait for the big game, here's a look back at some of the highest-scoring games, teams, and players on a game-level in NFL history.

The Niners are well represented in the Super Bowl offensive history books, a theme San Fran fans hope continues this week...

Highest total scoring Super Bowl of all time

The highest scoring game -- and one we'll talk about a lot in this post -- would be Super Bowl XXIX, which featured the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers. Truth be told, the Chargers scored enough, but the Niners were all the rage here, beating San Diego 49-26.

Steve Young threw for six touchdowns. Jerry Rice caught three of them.

Most total touchdowns in one Super Bowl

Once again, that fateful XXIX night made history. 10 touchdowns were scored, seven by the Niners, three by the Chargers.

Steve Young, John Taylor
Super Bowl XXIX - San Diego Chargers v San Francico 49ers / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Though some remember that as one of the final years of Rice's career, since it was his third and final Super Bowl, he played several years after this, through the 2000 season.

Young won Super Bowl MVP of XXIX.

Most touchdowns by a single team in a Super Bowl game

Once again... The Niners. But wait! It's a different game this time,

San Francisco, in 1990, were faced off against the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl XXIV. They beat Denver 55-10, with San Fran scoring eight touchdowns, and Joe Montana scoring five of them.

Most passing touchdowns in a Super Bowl by a team

This would be XXIX with the Niners scoring six passing/receiving touchdowns in 1995.

Most rushing touchdowns in a Super Bowl by a team

The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears both scored four rushing touchdowns in two different Super Bowls, H/T StatMuse.

Terrell Davis
Super Bowl XXXII - Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

The Broncos came against the Packers in a game Denver would win 31-24 in 1998. Terrell Davis punched three touchdowns into the endzone (157 yards on 30 carries) and John Elway tacked on one of his own.

The Bears came much earlier, when they beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX in 1986, 46-10. Jim McMahon rushed for two touchdowns, and William Perry/Matt Suhhey each added one of their own.

Most passing touchdowns in a Super Bowl by a player

As mentioned earlier, we're back to XXIX in '95, Steve Young and the Niners had six passing touchdowns that day.

Easy MVP deliberation that year.

Niners fans should add this to their watchlist as they wait for this year's game.

Most rushing touchdowns in a Super Bowl by a player

Jalen Hurts recently tied Terrell Davis for the most in a Super Bowl.

Jalen Hurts
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Of course, Hurts and the Eagles would lose that Feb. 2023 Super Bowl 38-35 to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Hurts was the team's leading rusher with 70 yards on 15 carries and also passed for 304 yards and a passing touchdown as well.

It wasn't enough as the Chiefs came away with their second title in the Mahomes era.