Myles Garrett, Browns clap back at Bengals WR Ja'Marr Chase before Week 1

Myles Garrett and the Cleveland Browns felt disrespected by Ja'Marr Chase and the Cincinnati Bengals prior to their Week 1 matchup.
Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns
Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals face off Week 1 in an AFC North matchup, but prior to the latest edition of their rivalry, Myles Garrett and Ja'Marr Chase are chirping back and forth. Yes, as is natural between the two Ohio teams that dislike each other so much, the stars are at the center of it all.

Cleveland has high expectations heading into their first full season with Deshaun Watson as starter. The Bengals, meanwhile, just extended Joe Burrow and are AFC North favorites for a reason. Something has to give, and the Browns want to send an early message. That's why this statement from Chase was placed right on the bulletin board with an extra pin.

“It feels like a regular game to me,” Chase said. “It don’t feel no different. It’s just the whooping and hollering about the Cleveland Browns. I was about to call them the elves. But, yeah.”

Perhaps Chase should pay a little extra attention, as Cincinnati lost its Week 1 matchup against the inferior Steelers just last season. Garrett thought Chase's comment when a little too far.

“See now that was disrespectful,” Garrett said Friday. “He didn’t have to go there. The elves was probably … he knew better. We might have to have a discussion before or after the game, maybe during if I see him. But yeah the elves is a little bit too far.”

Bengals vs. Browns: Should Ja'Marr Chase take battle for Ohio more seriously?

The Battle for Ohio is an underrated AFC North rivalry, and one that has a little extra pizzazz this season thanks to the emergence of both quarterbacks on these rosters. The Browns and Bengals are littered with talent.

Chase did give the Browns their respect, saying that he always looks forward to the matchup, but he maintained the perspective that comes with being a former National Champion, and an AFC finalist.

“If you ask me, I don’t really pay attention to it because Cleveland is Cleveland. I look forward to the matchups that we have when we’re facing them, but other than that, I don’t really be caring," Chase added.

Maybe that perspective will change if the Browns are able to pull off an upset this weekend.

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