NBA Draft stock up, stock down, games to watch: New No. 1 on the rise as CBB begins

College basketball is back. Here are the games to watch this week as the NBA Draft machine gets rolling.

Kyle Filipowski, Duke
Kyle Filipowski, Duke / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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NBA Draft stock down: Cody Williams, F, Colorado

The temperature has cooled off on Cody Williams hype ahead of the season. He's going to have a long runway for success at Colorado, but the younger brother of OKC forward Jalen Williams will have to prove to NBA scouts that he is more than a theoretical prospect.

Blessed with tremendous physical tools at 6-foot-8, Williams flashes intriguing upside as a jumbo-sized playmaker who loves to push the tempo in transition and create off of drives to the cup. Williams needs to tighten his handles and improve as a finisher, but there aren't many players who offer the same two-way playmaking upside. Any signs of refinement with the Buffs could launch him back into the lottery conversation.

NBA Draft stock down: Matas Buzelis, G/F, G League Ignite

Matas Buzelis is still comfortably stationed in the top 10, but his days as a heavy No. 1 pick favorite are behind him. That could change with a strong midseason surge (or even with the right team landing No. 1 in next year's lottery), but for now, Buzelis has been firmly overshadowed by Holland and the overwhelming talent on the G League Ignite roster.

For Buzelis, the questions aren't based on skill or athleticism, but rather on approach. He has a tendency to play passively and he doesn't always command the floor with the confidence of a future star. He's still a 6-foot-9 ball-handler who can splash 3s and defend across the positional spectrum, but NBA teams will want to see him act more like the alpha.

NBA Draft stock down: Mackenzie Mgbako

Mackenzie Mgbako will draw NBA eyeballs with his 3-and-D traits, first and foremost. He's 6-foot-8 with great positional strength, defending multiple positions on the perimeter and complementing his creators with a versatile jump shot. He doesn't offer much self-creation yet, but he should have the freedom to explore the limits of his skill set at Indiana.

Of course, NBA teams care about the person off the court, as well. Mgbako was recently arrested on misdemeanor charges for trespassing and resisting arrest. That's not the best way to boost your stock ahead of the season. He will now have to attest to his character in pre-draft interviews, on top of proving to teams that he can hoop.