NBA fans rip Pistons GM Troy Weaver for miserable trades on deadline day

Here's one thing you can't say — the Detroit Pistons sat back and did nothing at the deadline. Yeah, that's how we're framing this.

Feb 18, 2023; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weavers attends the
Feb 18, 2023; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weavers attends the / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Let's not sugarcoat it. The Detroit Pistons are having a terrible season. In light of Detroit's 7-43 record, Pistons GM Troy Weaver decided to take this opportunity at the trade deadline to shake things up. We're all about trying new things. After all, it'd be crazy to roll out the same seven-win roster night in and night out and expect different results. However, fans are unhappy with Weaver's recent dealings, and for obvious reasons. 

This morning, the Pistons parted ways with Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks. The majority of Detroit's 3-point shooting/offense came from Burks and Bogdanovic. In exchange for two of the Pistons' top scorers, the New York Knicks traded over Evan Fournier, Malachi Flynn, Quentin Grimes, Ryan Arcidiacono, and two second-round picks.

Last season, the Pistons turned down a trade offer of two first-round picks for Bojan Bogdanovic alone. Even ESPN's Bobby Marks said what Detroit accepted was "not as much as I thought that they potentially could get," for a deal involving both Bogandovic and Burks, who have really been the lone bright spots for the Pistons this season. In light of this deal, fans weren't happy with Troy Weaver.

While the Knicks made the necessary moves to put them in the best possible spot to compete for the top seed in the Eastern Conference, the Pistons secured more second-round picks and ... more ... guards? On paper, they gave the Knicks their best veterans in exchange for three players they usually bury on their bench. So, the Knicks basically got two rotational players, maybe even starters in Burks and Bogdanovic for two second-round picks, of which they had 11 to deal with. Do not get it twisted. New York won this trade. 

NBA twitter rips Pistons GM Troy Weaver

Just like Troy Weaver can't hold back when he's offered a second-round pick, NBA twitter couldn't resist to roast Troy Weaver's decision-making.

Per Bill Simmons:

Per Khang Huynh:

To add fuel to the fire, Shams Charania just reported that Killian Hayes has been released by the Pistons. They are also waiving Danuel House, who was just acquired from Philadelphia this morning. While most fans are happy to hear Killian is gone, it's not awesome to see a former lottery pick walk away for nothing. Released, that's right. No picks, nothing in return. Just gone.

Since my high-school years, I have heard rumors about Evan Fournier joining the Pistons. Welp. That day is finally here. Congrats Evan, you made it. All in all, the Knicks made a great trade that benefited them greatly and the Pistons, helped make that happen.

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