NBA rumors: 2 superstars may join Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu's competition

The NBA already hit gold with a 3-point battle between Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu. The league is looking to attract two stars to expand the event.

2024 NBA All-Star - State Farm All-Star Saturday Night
2024 NBA All-Star - State Farm All-Star Saturday Night / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Since the matchup between 3-point matchup Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu delivered high ratings, the league has been looking for ways to add to the event. According to Shams Charania who was appearing on Fanduel's Run It Back, the NBA may be looking to add "Caitlin Clark and potentially Klay Thompson to make it [a] 2v2" 3-point shooting competition.

Klay Thompson is one of the greatest 3-point shooters in the basketball history. Over his career, the former All-NBA star shot 41 percent from beyond the arc and this season, the veteran has shot 38 percent. Caitlin Clark has also been shooting the lights out — shooting 38 percent from 3 this season and 37 percent for her entire career.

Steph Curry, who won the competition this year would likely be paired with his Splash Brother in Thompson. Clark on the other hand, would likely be joining Ionescu's side as the two possibly compete against each other in the WNBA this season. The Iowa Hawkeye will likely head to the WNBA after her NCAA tournament run ends.

Thompson would probably welcome a chance to play with his long-term backcourt mate since it's unlikely that the veteran will be able to participate in the weekend's festivities otherwise. With both of these skilled 3-point stars possibly interested in joining the event, it's worth wondering if these two additions would increase the event's popularity.

Would a Klay and Clark addition to the contest make it more popular?

It's likely that adding Klay Thompson and Catlin Clark will likely enhance the popularity of the competition. Both of these hoopers would probably make the event feel different from last season and make the event longer. In return for performing at the event, both of these players would get extra media attention and more exposure

While Klay Thompson has already made a lot of money in the basketball world, Clark would seem to benefit from another chance to make impressions. Yes, Clark already has generated tons of attention through her run with the Iowa Hawkeyes but it's reasonable to say that any college student athlete could benefit from more awareness. At the end of the day, both of these players would stand to benefit from competing in the event.

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