NBA Rumors: 3 best landing spots for buyout candidate Otto Porter Jr

With rumors of a possible buyout after getting traded to the Jazz, three teams could look for Otto Porter Jr's help to go far this season.

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Knicks could end up signing Otto Porter Jr. to help bridge their injury woes

The New York Knicks are currently facing a shortage of playable players as the franchise continues to embrace Tom Thibodeau's rough minutes rotation. The squad isn't set to get back O.G. Anunoby for a couple of weeks at best. Additionally, the squad will likely miss Julius Randle for the first couple of games to start the second half of the season.

This comes as the franchise is still missing Mitchell Robinson and will not get back the center until the final stretch of the regular season at the very earliest. With the injuries that the Knicks have, it's extremely clear that the team needs pieces that can keep them in the race for a top-three seed in the Eastern Conference.

As the season goes on and New York gets healthy, Porter could start to take a backseat role to Knicks stars. The acquisition of Bojan Bogdanovic probably makes it hard for the Knicks to give the former champ a lot of minutes in the playoffs but the veteran could still play a role for the franchise if his three-point shooting stays good.

Part of the reasoning behind Porter signing with New York would be the fact that the franchise is set to highly likely to go on a deep playoff as the Eastern Conference starts to weaker everyday. The Milwaukee Bucks are currently treading to keep themselves out of water as their newly hired coach Doc Rivers struggles to connect with their players.

The Bucks likely don't have the defensive strength to be an actual challenger in the conference. The Philadelphia 76ers were looking like an actual threat to get to the finals but the franchise will likely be missing their superstar center Joel Embiid for the majority of the rest of the regular season. The Boston Celtics look to be the only real threat in the conference, which allows the Knicks to have a decent shot at making the Eastern Conference finals.

While Porter wouldn't start or be the first to come off the bench, the wing would likely be able to get some minutes in the second or third round of the playoffs if he choose to head to New York. Whether the journeyman actually considered the Suns or Knicks, the third team will likely be mentioned as a destination no matter how likely or unlikely the move is.