NBA Rumors: 3 best landing spots for buyout candidate Otto Porter Jr

With rumors of a possible buyout after getting traded to the Jazz, three teams could look for Otto Porter Jr's help to go far this season.

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Los Angeles Lakers could sign Otto Porter Jr. to replace Jarred Vanderbilt's minutes

As the Los Angeles Lakers look to make the most of a season that has faced injuries, the franchise could look to sign Otto Porter Jr if he chooses to go for a buyout. The Lakers are looking to replace many players in their front court as the franchise is currently missing Jarred Vanderbilt, who is still out with a foot injury that could be season-ending if the rehab doesn't go Vanderbilt's way.

L.A will also be missing big man Christian Wood will be re-evaluated in two weeks. The franchise could stand to benefit from taking Taurean Prince minutes down as the three-and-d wing struggles. The Lakers weren't able to make a lot of trades at the deadline which is why the franchise might be inclined to make a signing.

The franchise already signed Spencer Dinwiddie after the veteran guard was traded from the Nets to the Raptors and then bought out. Even when they looked their best, it was clear that the Lakers likely needed a little bit more talent to compete with the Nuggets, Celtics, and the rest of the league's elite. Adding the veteran champion could be a way for the franchise to do this and not be forced to play the wing minutes in the playoffs if the series dictates a better rebounding presence.

When the franchise gets healthier, Porter could have a chance to keep his minutes as the squad is not tied with any salary obligations when it comes to Wood. Yes, the squad would be more likely to play Wood in a playoff series that requires big men but the franchise would be allowed to make any rotational changes without being forced to play locker-room politics.

At the end of the day, Otto Porter Jr. could end up playing with a number of franchises if he chooses to go the buyout route.

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