NBA rumors: Buddy Hield trade, Celtic on the block, Embiid's big decision

  • Mavericks are interested in Buddy Hield trade
  • Celtics could angle for Malcolm Brogdon trade
  • Joel Embiid has two weeks to make Olympic decision

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers
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NBA Rumors: Celtics guard Malcolm Brogdon is 'on the trade block'

The Boston Celtics tried to trade Malcolm Brogdon earlier this summer and even agreed in principle to send him to the Los Angeles Clippers in a Kristaps Porzingis trade before medical concerns nixed the deal.

Los Angeles was concerned about Brogdon's right arm injury. Afterward, Brogdon was reportedly upset with the Celtics' front office. That's understandable, of course. He's coming off a Sixth Man of the Year campaign for a conference finals team. He has earned the right to get upset.

Now, we can't count out the possibility of a Brogdon trade before the season. According to Adam Kauffman on the 'Celtics Beat' podcast, Brogdon is "absolutely on the trade block," with whispers abound about Boston trying to move the veteran point guard. We don't know the exact status of Brogdon's arm injury, but his impact on the Celtics last season was extensive. Several contenders would be lucky to employ him.

Brogdon has two years and $45 million left on his contract. In the current NBA economy, that's more than fair value for what Brogdon contributes. Derrick White is expected to assume starting point guard duties following Marcus Smart's departure, but Brogdon is essential connective tissue in the Celtics' backcourt. It's a tad surprising to see his name so forcefully involved in trade rumors. Trying to involve him in the Porzingis trade is one thing. Willfully exploring the trade market is another.

On the other hand, it's clear Boston does not view Brogdon as indispensable. Several teams should be placing phone calls to the Celtics front office.