NBA rumors: Embiid is Knicks No. 1 priority, Donovan Mitchell wants out, Durant wants Warriors jersey retired

On a very special opening day edition of NBA rumors, the Knicks are focusing on getting Joel Embiid in the near future and more

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NBA rumors: Donovan Mitchell wants to make his way out

According to Bill Simmons, it's the league's "worst-kept secret" that Donovan Mitchell still wants to play for the Knicks. Cleveland traded a whole wealth of assets for the superstar two offseason ago. The team only made the first round of the playoffs last season, losing to the Knicks. They lost due to a variety of reasons but Donovan Mitchell was not one of the reasons that the team wasn't successful.

The All-Star has only two more years left on his deal (a player option the following year but that will most likely be declined even if stays with the team). When he made his trade request two off-season ago, it seemed like the star really wanted to go to the New York Knicks. The Jazz could never end up agreeing to a deal with the Knicks which left them to make a deal with another team instead.

To be quite honest in an East with a lot of good teams, it's hard to see a world where the Cavs are able to make the second round of the playoffs this season. While the Cavs have enough talent to compete with the Knicks and Sixers, they will have a rough road to beating either of these teams in the playoffs. As the season goes on, this will be a storyline to monitor.