NBA rumors: Former ESPN studio host claims LeBron played a role in her dismissal

Michelle Beadle claims LeBron James wanted her removed from NBA Countdown back in 2019.

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NBA rumors: LeBron James wanted this ESPN studio host removed

Former NBA Countdown host Michelle Beadle joined the Awful Announcing Podcast and discussed her departure from ESPN. According to Beadle, LeBron James attempted to have her removed from NBA Countdown after she mocked his infamous decision video. However, Beadle argued that she was only doing what "400,000 other talking heads did at the time."

Beadle confirmed these rumors with Paul Pierce on the What Did I Miss Podcast in November of 2021.

LeBron's push for her dismissal was not revealed to Beadle until after the fact, she claimed on the Awful Announcing Podcast. "I found out after in all the chaos that ensued." Beadle said, "Sort of right after I left, all this other information started coming out. I kind of knew, I’ve gotten wind of it right as I was leaving and then more stuff came out. And I was like, ‘What a crap show.'

Beadle was replaced on NBA Countdown by Rachel Nichols. Beadle also revealed on the podcast that she did not have a working relationship with Rachel Nichols before she replaced her. "We were civil. Some people I don't trust in this business. That's one of them." Beadle said. When Beadle was asked if LeBron had any influence on that decision, Michele Beadle responded:

"He's a powerful dude. There's no getting around that. He is an empire and an entity upon himself and all the respect for buildng such a powerful entity on a name and doing it well. So, yeah, people are going to listen."

When asked whether LeBron has apologized, Beadle sarcastically replied, "He sent me so many flowers. How could I not forgive him?" It's hard to say if the two have actually reconciled. "I loved the job," Beadle concluded. "I loved doing NBA Countdown. It was my dream gig."

Beadle currently works with the San Antonio Spurs broadcast team and hosts Beadle & Decker on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Sports Radio Channel. All in all, Beadle has made a successful career transition, and appears to be at peace with her departure from NBA Countdown.

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