NBA Rumors: Heat’s lack of aggressiveness with Damian Lillard trade explained

The Heat have been unwilling to be aggressive for Damian Lillard. What is the reason for that?

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers
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According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Miami Heat are extremely patient when it comes to the Trail Blazers' trade requests for Damian Lillard due to the fact that these types of stars are available for trade every six months.

This type of logic follows past sentiment in this new age of the NBA, where stars request trades frequently due to poor management and shorter contracts.

The recent six months show why this theory is true. A few months ago, Bradley Beal was just in the trade market looking for a new team, and the Heat were rumored to end up with him.

Still, he ended up going to a different team due to the fact that the Heat didn't make a huge attempt to get the player.

Ever since the Heat acquired Jimmy Butler, it seems like they have been involved in every rumor involving all NBA players. Still, they have yet to get across the finish line in any deal. Despite this fact, Miami claims to be able to get the most out of their talent during this era. While this is true, it is time to get a deal done.

Will the Heat finally be able to trade for All-NBA player in the Jimmy Butler era?

Since Lillard really wants to go to the Miami Heat, it is still likely that Miami will be able to trade for him. It has been reported that Lillard will not report to any other team's training camp. He is likely to request a trade to the Heat if he is not traded there.

Still, it is time for the Heat to let up the first-round picks needed to get a deal. Tyler Herro will certainly have a suitor in the league willing to take on his contract so it doesn't matter that the Blazers do not want his long-term deal.

The window for the Jimmy Butler-Bam Adebayo duo is getting shorter with every year and it is time to go all-in for a title. The Heat shouldn't get cute here. Get a deal done. Hopefully, they do so soon so we can be done with this mess.

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