NBA rumors: Klay Thompson's struggles have his Warriors' future increasingly in doubt

With his talent fading and struggles mounting, an NBA insider has said that Klay Thompson's future with the only franchise he's ever played for might be in doubt.

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors
Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

According to Shams Charania, Klay Thompson's future with the Warriors is in serious doubt. While appearing on his show Run It Back, Shams said that Golden State offered him a two-year, $48 million extension before the season. Thompson didn't take it and even that offer is probably off the table at this point.

This offer would have been around $24 million per year. Thompson hasn't been the same since suffering an ACL injury in 2019 especially on the defensive side of the ball. Before this season, his 3-point shot was still on point but this season so far he has turned into an average shooter from 3. This caused Steve Kerr to bench him during the fourth quarter of his most recent game against the Suns. Thompson is in the last season of a Supermax deal that was signed after the player tore his ACL.

The last deal was a bit of favor to Thompson since he would be spending his first season recovering from an injury. He deserved it for his loyalty to the squad and his ability to stay out of any controversy but it's clear now that a deal based on previous history should be off the table for his next contract. Will the Warriors and Klay Thompson stay together despite his diminished play?

Will Klay Thompson remain a Warrior for the rest of his career?

To be quite honest, Klay Thompson might not end his career with the Warriors. Thompson hasn't been productive but might still be looking for more than $24 million per year. The offer that was given to Thompson is somewhat of a courtesy due to his history with the organization.

At this point on the open market, it's hard to imagine him getting a better offer but he might want to consider it if another team puts it on the table. He probably has plenty of years left in the league but the starter days on good teams are ending. If he wants starter-level money with the way the season is going, then his days with the Warriors might be over.

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