NBA rumors: LaVine to Lakers is dead, Heat interested in Mitchell, Jerami Grant and Jordan Clarkson

  • Updated trade availability for Jerami Grant and Jordan Clarkson
  • Heat interested in potential Donovan Mitchell trade
  • Lakers reluctant to meet Bulls' asking price for Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls
Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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NBA Rumors: Zach LaVine trade to Lakers is unlikely

The Chicago Bulls are expected to entertain trade offers for Zach LaVine ahead of the Feb. 8 deadline. Chris Haynes went on B/R Live to highlight the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings as two teams known to be interested in LaVine, but he also notes a potential hangup for the Lakers.

Chicago doesn't want to get fleeced, and any deal for LaVine would probably have to include Austin Reaves. According to Haynes, the Lakers are "not interested at all" in parting with Reaves. So, the two sides could be too far apart to actually come to terms on a deal when the time comes.

That's probably smart on the Lakers' part. LaVine is still quite good, but there's only so far a negative-defense guard with LaVine's on-ball tendencies can elevate a team that revolves around LeBron James. LaVine would feast on spot-up 3s and drives off the catch while facing lesser defenders, but he's a limited second or third star on a contract that doesn't match expectations at this point in his career. LaVine is due roughly $179 million over the next four years. Reaves is due $53.8 million over the same period.

Los Angeles can derive much of the same value from Reaves without splurging on LaVine's hefty contract and notorious injury risk. Plus, it would require more assets — potentially D'Angelo Russell or Rui Hachimura — just to make the salaries match. LaVine is still 28, so he's still in his prime, but the injuries have piled up and he hasn't been the most engaged contributor for Chicago this season (not to mention the ongoing foot problem).

The Kings don't make a ton of sense for LaVine either, so the Bulls could struggle to find a team that actually meets their asking price for the two-time All-Star. Either Chicago will have to get realistic and decrease their demands, or LaVine is going to finish the season in the Windy City.

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