NBA rumors: Multiple executives say Trae Young could be available, Lakers interested

The Hawks opted not to make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline but rumors persist that they could Trae Young to a team like the Lakers this offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks
Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Even with the Atlanta Hawks holding off on trading Dejounte Murray at this season's trade deadline, the Hawks could end up trading Trae Young this offseason. According to Howard Beck of The Ringer, two Eastern conference executives said Trae Young could be available for trade this offseason. The franchise seemed to have discussions with the Spurs for Young and some executives think that they could end up making a blockbuster move.

The Hawks are a franchise that is going nowhere fast and is extremely unlikely to get themselves out of the Play-In Tournament since the squad has very poor defense and doesn't have enough output from their frontcourt. One franchise that was mentioned in Beck's column is the Lakers could be interested in trading for the star. The squad kept their first-round picks at the deadline to keep for a possible deal for a third star or one to replace LeBron James.

Based on this report and others, it seems possible that the Hawks will move one of Murray or Young in a deal this offseason.

Are the Hawks likely to trade Trae Young this offseason?

The Hawks are heading for some kind of big move this offseason. This is a franchise that isn't likely to get past the first round of the playoffs in the best-case scenario. Atlanta could end up trading Trae Young this offseason as the star has been rumored to have been moved since last offseason.

They barely survived not blowing it up last season as the franchise was able to make it a competitive series against the one-seeded Celtics. The squad didn't expect to pay the luxury tax in the future when they traded for Dejounte Murray and they don't want to pay for it now with a franchise that is heading towards the play-in tournament and nothing more.

The squad may choose to keep Murray and trade Young which would be a bit of surprise but it wouldn't come out of nowhere for a franchise that clearly doesn't have a plan. No matter what happens, Trae Young trade rumors will continue to happen as long as the Hawks struggle.

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