NBA Rumors: Warriors latest signing just made things really awkward for Klay Thompson

There's a bit of a history between Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors' newest signing.

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Rodney McGruder, who spent the last three seasons with the Detroit Pistons, just signed with the Golden State Warriors, as reported by Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

According to Shams Charnia of The Athletic, McGruder will compete for a roster spot at Warriors camp. On the whole, and especially considering Golden State's need for depth on the wings, it makes sense.

The 32-year-old McGruder is a great depth piece for the Warriors, a rotational guy who shoots above 40% from 3. He can play off of the ball. Undeniably, he checks a lot of the Warriors' boxes. However, McGruder and the Warriors have history.

And it's history that could make things a bit awkward at training camp, particularly for Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

NBA Rumors: Warriors adding Rodney McGruder is awkward for Klay Thompson

While McGruder was still with Detroit, he faced off against the Warriors and let's just say things went poorly for Rodney. McGruder was upset about something Golden State was doing and approached several Warriors players after the game. Who knows what McGruder said? Doesn't matter. Because the whole world knows what Klay said.

McGruder's antics interrupted Thompson's postgame interview. Thompson is supposed to defend his teammates.

However, during that live broadcast, Thompson took a shot at McGruder and stated, "This guy might not be in the league for long. He's probably mad about that. Who knows.”

In addition to Thompson's remark, Draymond Green also said during his post-game-presser back in 2021 that, "ain't nobody scared of no damn Rodney McGruder.” He later added, "Klay said it best so, yeah, we'll leave it at that."

Now, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have to learn to put the past behind them. Guess what, Klay? Now, Rodney's your teammate and you have to defend him. Good luck navigating those waters!

Another year, another potential drama-filled Warriors training camp.

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