NBA rumors: Warriors talked to Rich Paul, future buyout candidates, 76ers-Drummond almost happened

  • 76ers thought Bulls-Andre Drummond trade was happening
  • Davis Bertans, Delon Wright, Evan Fournier on front office radars
  • Warriors spoke to LeBron James' representation before trade deadline

Rich Paul
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NBA rumors: Front offices keeping tabs on Delon Wright, Davis Bertans, Evan Fournier

The NBA buyout market generally heats up quickly after the trade deadline passes. Kyle Lowry, Spencer Dinwiddie, Thaddeus Young, and Danilo Gallinari have all found new homes after being waived. Still, NBA front offices are always on the prowl for the next available talent. Some potential buyout candidates are still being monitored around the league. A player must be waived by March 1 to be postseason eligible.

Charlotte Hornets forward Davis Bertans, Detroit Pistons wing Evan Fournier, and Washington Wizards guard Delon Wright are on NBA radars, per HoopsHype. Bertans and Fournier were both relocated at the trade deadline. Wright was a widely speculated trade target, but a deal never materialzed for the Wizards.

That being said, Wright is probably the least likely buyout candidate listed. The Wizards could have at least netted a second-round pick or two for the veteran combo guard. At 6-foot-5, Wright's defensive versatility and 3-point shooting (36.8 percent) is naturally appealing to contenders. Evidently, it's also appealing to Washington.

Fournier and Bertans are both on hefty contracts in losing situations. Bertans notably has an extra year on his deal, but it becomes non-guaranteed if he doesn't play in 75 percent of regular season games (he won't). Fournier has been an outspoken malcontent with the Knicks over the last few years. He was relegated to obsolescence in New York, but he has already appeared in two games for Detroit. That brings his season total to five games played. The Pistons need shooting on the wing, but Fournier serves no real purpose in a rebuild. He feels like the strongest buyout possibility, even if he's glad to be getting real minutes in Detroit.