NBA Trade Rumors: 5 teams that can rescue Jerami Grant from the Trail Blazers

Is there a market in the NBA for an athletic, 6-foot-7 small forward with a 7-foot-3 wingspan that can guard multiple positions? Yes. Yes there is.

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The Portland Trail Blazers have said they don't intend to trade Jerami Grant and he has said he doesn't want to go anywhere else. But the Blazers are going to get offers for one of the best two-way wings in the league and they may get one too good to turn down.

5. Mavericks

If the Dallas Mavericks want to avoid going home early this season, they're going to need to make some upgrades. Specifically, the Mavs are in need of a starting-caliber power forward and a backup center. After losing out on Pascal Siakam, who was just acquired by the Indiana Pacers from Toronto, the Mavericks set their sights on another player. 

Reportedly, the Mavs have kept tabs on Jerami Grant in Portland, where Grant is currently averaging 21.3 points per game, while shooting 46.1 percent from the field and over 40 percent from deep. Grant would be an upgrade from Derrick Jones Jr. In addition, Jerami's timeline is more consistent with Dallas'. The Portland Trail Blazers' average age this season is around 24 years old. As opposed to the Dallas Mavericks, whose average age is just over 27. Grant is 29 years old. An underrated scorer like Grant is more appropriate for a vying, possibly contending Mavericks team than the rebuilding Trail Blazers.

4. Miami Heat

Last month, Bill Simmons said on his podcast that, "[The Miami Heat are] the sleeping giant for a Malcolm Brogdon/Jerami Grant combo trade." Per Simmons, "If they could figure out how to turn Lowry's expiring contract, Duncan Robinson, and a couple picks into Brogdon and Grant, I just know that team is going to be waiting for the Celtics at some point."

Despite Lowry's departure, is this move still feasible? Last night, the Heat won their first game in seven games, ending their longest losing streak of the season. So, if Miami is looking to move the needle fast, here's how.

The Heat currently have Haywood Highsmith as their starting power forward. This year, Highsmith has started in a career-high 22 games and averages 6.1 points and 2.9 rebounds. While Highsmith is certainly the cheaper option, Jerami Grant definitely has more offensive firepower. He'd immediately turn the Heat into a contender. Can you imagine a starting lineup of Rozier, Herro, Butler, Grant, Adebayo? That's... scary?

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Plus, wouldn't it be funny if this was the deal the Trail Blazers and Heat ended up making after all that Damian Lillard drama this past summer?