What channel is NC State playing on today, Aug. 31?

The North Carolina State Wolfpack will play the UConn Huskies Thursday night to kick off Week 1. But what channel is the game on?
North Carolina State Wolfpack
North Carolina State Wolfpack / Lance King/GettyImages

The North Carolina State Wolfpack begin their 2023 college football season vs. the UConn Huskies on Thursday night.

College football will be back in our lives on Thursday night. One of the best games on tap for your enjoyment will be between the North Carolina State Wolfpack and the UConn Huskies, coming to you live from ... East Hartford!

While Jim Mora's team is coming off a breakthrough bowl season as a national independent, Dave Doeren's squad will be undergoing a period of adjustment. Star quarterback Devin Leary transferred to Kentucky and offensive coordinator Tim Beck (what up, Beck?) now calls the shots at Coastal Carolina. Thankfully, it isn't a one man wolfpack in Raleigh, as Brennan Armstrong has transferred in.

So if you want watch this former Virginia Cavaliers star do his thing on a new ACC team, what channel with NC State at UConn be airing on, and why is this game happening over on CBS Sports Network?

What channel is CBS Sports Network on DirecTV, Xfinity and more?

CBS Sports Network is Channel 221 over on DirecTV. As for the digital media mega conglomerate known as Xfinity, the channel in which CBS Sports Network is on entirely depends on your area.

Here are a few metroplexes of note in which you can hopefully find this channel on your television.

* Atlanta: 109
* Baltimore: 732
* Detroit: 734
* Miami: 733
* Phoenix: 732

There may be many other interesting games in Week 1, but it will be fascinating to see how the 2023 college football season unfolds for both the Huskies and the Wolfpack. Mora seems to have the right sauce to give UConn staying power as a borderline bowl team up in Storrs. Although NC State is not on Clemson or Florida State's level in the ACC, the Woflpack has shown it can hang with either rival.

Overall, we are so incredibly thankful to have college football back in our lives. Not until your favorite team loses its second game can you safely say your guys aren't making the College Football Playoff. Although UConn doesn't play in a conference, there is stil a lot to play for more than pride. Even if NC State is only maybe the third best team in the ACC, all it will take is for one team better to screw up.

So if you can find CBS Sports Network on your TV package, you've got NC State vs. UConn to watch.

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