NCAA issues another classless response but finally reinstates UNC's Tez Walker

The NCAA once again proves how worthless it is by finally reinstating North Carolina Tar Heels wide receiver Tez Walker after he basically missed the first third of his first season in Chapel Hill.

North Carolina Tar Heels
North Carolina Tar Heels / Mark Brown/GettyImages

Better late than never, I suppose, but come on, NCAA! Do better! Sadly, nobody I know thinks you can and that is why you remain an absolutely worthless organizational entity. As expected, this latest evisceration of the NCAA by yours truly has everything to do with North Carolina wide receiver Tez Walker. He should have been eligible to play from day one, but bureaucracy once again got in the way.

After missing the first third of his first season at UNC, the NCAA decided, you know what? Let's make Tez Walker eligible! Did this occur after the NCAA finally realized that all of its computers were not connected to the internet for a week? Did their fax machine break? Better yet, were they able to get the myriad of staples and thumbscrews out of their blasted thumbs this time? I hope it was the latter.

So yes, the former Kent State wide receiver and native North Carolinian finally gets to suit up for the No. 14 4-0 North Carolina Tar Heels. Too bad this came after a month of little more than perpetual d*********g buffoonery out of the NCAA. Like, in all seriousness, can we vote on who is running the NCAA? I know that my alma mater's president Jere Morehead is among them, but this is so awful...

Behold! The NCAA's official press release on the news of the institution declaring Mr. Walker eligible.

And here is North Carolina chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz and Tar Heels athletic director Bubba Cunningham's statements on the matter, basically implying that the NCAA is full of s**t over this.

Cunningham has not been this mad since they done messed up his tray over at the ole Cook Out.

NCAA reinstates North Carolina's Tez Walker, making him a mockery

The only thing that is unfortunate is Walker will never get those four games back. Not saying he can somehow recreate them as a COVID year of grand proportions, but he should try. Then again, Walker may be good enough to turn pro in something known as sports. Thankfully, he will be catching passes from hopeful top-five pick Drake Maye before he gets Mitch Trubisky-ed by the rancid Chicago Bears.

The Bears are the only institution besides the NCAA that has not recorded a win since Elon Musk bought Twitter, which was well before he rebranded it as X. What really grinds my gears in this is Walker's previous ineligibility clouded what looks to be the best season of UNC football under Mack Brown the second time around. Like, the Tar Heels can play for a trip to the College Football Playoff!

At the end of the day, college football is better when talented college football players like Tez Walker, I don't know, get to play college football. It is so dumb, but men and women with so many doctorate degrees and empty-calorie nonsense diplomas can't figure it out. What is good for UNC football is good for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These are not two mutually exclusive entities.

Here is to Walker going 7-140-2 vs. Syracuse in his first game back and sending poor Dino Babers back to the Cretaceous Period. Not everyone can walk the dinosaur, but Tez Was (Not Was) methinks.

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