Ranking 5 New York Jets quarterback options to replace Aaron Rodgers

If Aaron Rodgers is out for the season, what veteran stop-gap can the Jets sign to stay competitive in 2023?
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Aaron Rodgers Replacement No. 1: Tom Brady

Tom Brady to the Jets, who says no? A lot of people, probably.

Seeing Brady wear a New York Jets uniform just feels wrong. The Patriots legend joining a playoff-caliber Jets roster to try and take them to a Super Bowl is something out of the Twilight Zone. Not even the NFL could write a script that bonkers.

Brady officially retired for the second time this past February and appears intent on staying that way. Would it hurt the Jets to just give him a call, though? Yes, it would absolutely hurt their pride, but think of the bigger picture.

Tom Brady, age 46, leading the Jets to a Super Bowl victory over the Cowboys with the help of breakout campaigns from Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson. Wilson wins game MVP, Hall wins league's Most Improved, and an entire franchise falls to its knees and sobs, tears of relief and euphoria streaming down, that long-ago cruel twist of fate from Rodgers' injury turning into something so much sweeter.

On Monday's Manningcast, Eli Manning proposed the idea of Woody Johnson calling Brady to come out of retirement. The two Mannings were roasting Zach Wilson all night, so it's clear where they stand.

The Jets would have to completely abandon their morals for the guy, and there's no telling whether Brady would want to play for them, but wouldn't this just be the wildest, craziest, most unhinged thing to happen? Keep the Jets on primetime this year, everyone will want to see how this script plays out.

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