Overreaction Monday: 3 head coaches NY Jets could hire to replace Robert Saleh

The New York Jets' disappointing season raises questions about the future of head coach Robert Saleh.

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Headed into this season, the New York Jets had major expectations after their offseason moves. General Manager Joe Douglas traded for Aaron Rodgers, and it brought all the attention to them. Some were saying that Saleh’s Jets were a Super Bowl or bust team.

In the very first game of the season, the 4x MVP suffered a torn Achilles. Even though it was a low blow to the Jets, they still had a shot to make things work. With Rodgers determined to get back this season, the Jets could’ve put themselves in a position to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive.

The Jets started the season 4-3, which got people wondering if they could pull it off. Since then, New York has lost four consecutive games.

Saleh has been the Head Coach of the 2021 second-overall pick for three seasons now. As much as Zach Wilson has struggled, part of that is on Saleh for not getting involved in the offense whatsoever.

Even though Rodgers is rumored to be a big fan of the Jets head coach, it shouldn’t prevent the organization from making the right move. Saleh has a 15-30 record with New York. Parting ways with the third-year coach might be the best decision.

Last season the Jets were 5-2 headed into a Week 8 bye, with realistic playoff hopes. They finished the season 7-10. This season the Jets started 4-3 before their bye week. Since the bye week, they’ve been 0-4.

Even though Rodgers got hurt, Saleh still had a talented roster. His defense excelled, while his offense struggled to put the ball in the end zone.

As much blame can be put on Wilson or the offensive line, it’s Saleh who’s in charge. The Jets head coach was hired three seasons ago to get the Jets into the postseason. In year one he was given a pass with his rookie QB. It’s year three for that duo The results aren’t anywhere near where they wanted them to be when Saleh was hired.

For three straight seasons, the Jets are on track to finish with a losing record under Saleh. If the Jets miss the playoffs, it would be two collapses for the third-year coach.

Saleh does get the best out of his defenses. But in today's NFL, the way to win is by putting points on the board. As great as Rodgers is, the Jets need more than just him. One of those needs could be a head coach if the Jets continue to lose. Here are three coaches New York could hire to replace Saleh:

Who would replace Jets head coach Robert Saleh?

3. Detroit Lions offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson

The Detroit Lions are 8-3 with one of the best offenses in the NFL. They’re second in total yards, third in passing yards, and sixth in rushing yards. Detroit is seventh in points scored this season, averaging 26.7 per game.

Ben Johnson spent three seasons in Detroit before getting promoted to the offensive coordinator role, and ever since the Lions have had an impressive offense.

In Jared’s Goff first season as Lion QB, he threw for just 3,245 yards and 19 touchdowns. In his first season with Johnson, he threw for 4,438 yards along with 29 touchdowns.

This season Goff has a career-high completion percentage, as he’s completed 67.9% of his passes this season. He’s also averaging 279.5 passing yards per game.

The QB isn’t the only one excelling in the Lions offense this season. Detroit’s skilled position players are having great seasons too. Both David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs are having fantastic seasons. New York was aiming for something similar with Dalvin Cook and Breece Hall, but it hasn’t worked for them.

New York has the 31st-ranked offense in the entire NFL. They have talent, and they also have Rodgers returning. They just need someone to put it together. It doesn’t seem like Saleh could be that guy with his 15-30 career record.

Nathaniel Hackett likely wouldn’t be that guy either. Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich might be able to survive, as his defense is elite. If the Jets want to see the offense improve next season, hiring Johnson could be the best way to do it.