Overreaction Monday: 3 head coaches NY Jets could hire to replace Robert Saleh

The New York Jets' disappointing season raises questions about the future of head coach Robert Saleh.

New York Jets v New York Giants
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2. Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator, Brian Johnson

After the Philadelphia Eagles lost in the Super Bowl, they decided to hire Brian Johnson as offensive coordinator. Before then, he was a quarterback coach for the organization.

Johnson played a huge role in Jalen Hurts’ MVP-caliber season in 2022, and now he’s leading the 3rd best offense in the NFL. Philadelphia is scoring 28.2 points per game this season.

The Eagles offense is unstoppable, and a big reason is due to their QB's stellar play this season. Hurts already has 29 total touchdowns on the season.

He’s also been able to get the ball into his playmaker's hands. A.J. Brown already has 1,050 receiving yards and Devonta Smith has 738 receiving yards.

Johnson’s play calls make it easy for Hurts to create outside the pocket. Rodgers has a history of creating plays outside the pocket and could be even more dangerous if paired with the Eagles OC.