5 QBs who deserve to be benched after NFL Week 1

  • An AFC and NFC veteran who may be toast
  • Why is this guy starting in the first place?
  • Two franchise QBs who played horrendously
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4. Joshua Dobbs, Arizona Cardinals

Let's turn to our friend Michael Bluth for his thoughts on Joshua Dobbs being the Week 1 starter for the Arizona Cardinals.

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That pretty much sums it up when it comes to the Cards. This team cut their most experienced and perhaps surehanded option in Colt McCoy to go into the season with Dobbs, who they had signed within a week of cutdown day, and Day 3 rookie Clayton Tune. With more experience, Dobbs got the nod and it worked out exactly like you'd imagine.

To be fair, Arizona was competitive against the Washington Commanders on Sunday. But the offense as a whole had almost no juice as the close game was more a product of Washington's offense's own shortcomings. In fact, the Cardinals had just two drives for the entire game that went for more than 25 yards.

Dobbs was a key factor in that. The former Steeler and Titan completed a solid 21-of-30 passes, but did so for only 132 yards at only 4.4 yards per attempt. That's not going to cut it in the modern NFL and it was clear that Dobbs was only comfortable with short throws and dump-offs as there were virtually no big plays that didn't involve a catch-and-run opportunity.

Arizona is quite blatantly tanking right now with hopes of getting Caleb Williams next year. Having said that, you have to wonder if giving the rookie Tune a look isn't a better option going forward.