NFL analyst rips Cowboys, Jerry Jones to shreds over Trey Lance trade

NFL analyst Mark Schlereth destroys Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys over the Trey Lance trade, one where apparently nobody but Jones himself even knew about. What is he even doing?
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Mark Schlereth left no stone unturned in how he feels about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

Let's just say that NFL analyst Mark Schlereth is not picking Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys to come out of the NFC this season.

The three-time Super Bowl champion and NFL analyst for FOX went after Jones and America's Team on the latest episode of his podcast, Stinkin Truth. I may be drinking the Dallas Kool-Aid this season, but Stink simply won't touch the stuff. He was especially critical of the Cowboys' move to trade for San Francisco 49ers draft bust Trey Lance. OnlyJones knew about the deal in place with the 49ers...

Jones failed to tell head coach Mike McCarthy and starting quarterback Dak Prescott about this late preseason trade. It is his team after all, but Schlereth went on a rant for the ages harpooning the never-ending decadence that emanates out of Big D. Oh, you are going to want to sit down for this!

"This is why the Cowboys will never win s**t because Jerry Jones can’t help himself. I said it, it’s there. You think about Jerry Jones, you’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna make a trade for a guy without talking to anybody else in your organization, Steven Jones, your head coach Mike McCarthy, your quarterback.”

“I really don’t care if you involve your quarterback in it or not. But to not involve your head coach. What does it say about your head coach? 'Hey guys, I know he’s your head coach, but he truly has no authority within this organization. So, you don’t have to listen to him. You don’t have to pay attention because the buck stops with me'. Your coach doesn’t have the authority to fire you. I do. You cannot win in the National Football League that way.”

“Oh, they may win a bunch of regular-season games because they’re talented. They’ll get in the playoffs and they’ll s**t in their helmets like they do every year. That's the Cowboys..."

Dallas is entering the 2023 NFL season as one of a few teams with realistic Super Bowl hopes.

Mark Schlereth destroys Jerry Jones over the Trey Lance trade fiasco

In theory, I understand the move. Lance could be a lesser version of Prescott as a career backup at this stage of his flailing NFL career. While the Cowboys were not the first time I thought the former Walter Payton Trophy winner out of North Dakota State would have been traded to, I kind of get it. However, how can you not inform your head coach, or your quarterback, about this massive trade?

There is one common thread between the Cowboys not even getting to Super Bowls for the better part of 30 years. That would be Jones. Frankly, Dallas has not been the same franchise since Jimmy Johnson left the building. Yes, they won one more Super Bowl with Barry Switzer as the head coach, but much of that 1995 team was built on the success Johnson did in terms of its roster construction.

Frankly, the Cowboys are always going to come up short of the ultimate prize because there is only one star in Big D: Jones. Things may change when his three children run the franchise without him, but we have seen the Cowboys squander one great opportunity after another because of the man in the main chair. He has done so much for this league, but it will probably be more of the same again...

At least trading for Lance is not as egregious as almost drafting Johnny Manziel or Paxton Lynch.

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