NFL Expansion: 5 cities the league should consider for teams 33 and 34

As other leagues continue to look at their expansion priorities, the NFL has been remarkably quiet about the future of the league. It's been 20 years since the NFL added the Houston Texans, and it's about time other cities should be considered.

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2. London, England
Media Market size: approx. 8.8 million

As you can see, by media market size alone, London, England has to be a very enticing market. London has more people than New York City (although the NYC media market is larger because it involves parts of New Jersey and Connecticut). Football might not have the same hold on the city as soccer, but it is popular. The games get more than 80,000 people each and every time. It doesn't matter the teams in the game, they do numbers every time.

That is enough to bring an NFL team to London full-time. The issue is the travel and getting players to agree to play in London. The expansion draft would be a mess, with players immediately demanding trades so as to not leave their families to play on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. There would have to be serious incentives for the players. Of course, the real incentive is money, and the London team would have unlimited loads of cash to give out.

That doesn't fix the travel issues, but with the upgrades in overseas travel and schedule-making, it might be an easier transition. Plus, the NFL can sweeten the pot by avoiding Thursday and Monday games, guaranteeing no short weeks unless after a bye week.

London is the most desired city on the NFL's list, but with 5,400 miles between London and Los Angeles, the situation needs some working out. For now, this city HAS to be on the list. The NFL probably wants to add multiple teams in Europe, but the top city on this list will look to invade a different country.