NFL franchise all-time power rankings: Which organization comes out on top?

With more than 100 years of history as an organized football league, the NFL has grown into a powerhouse in sports. However, there are some franchises with more staying power than others. Which one is the top all-time franchise?

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30. Jacksonville Jaguars

We mentioned that the Jacksonville Jaguars are tied with the Cardinals for the second-worst franchise record in history. It didn't seem like that would be the case, with the Jaguars coming out of the gate hot. They made the AFC Championship in their second season, and they made the playoffs in four of their first five. They had four playoff wins in those first five seasons. They've had four playoff wins since then, good for the third-fewest in NFL history.

It's been a very bad run for the Jaguars for a while. Whenever it looks like things are getting better, they fail again. That was the case as soon as this past season, when Trevor Lawrence took three steps back, injuries ruined a great start, and they missed the playoffs in the most improbable way. This is nothing new for Jaguars fans. Blake Bortles had a similar trajectory. So did Blaine Gabbert. Super Bowl champion Nick Foles took the money and ran. It just hasn't been good in North Florida since the turn of the millennium.

There have been some fun moments even after that initial run. David Garrard had some moments as the most accurate quarterback in the league. They had one of the biggest comebacks in history just last year when they beat the Chargers despite being down 27-0 at one point. There are a few things to hang their hat on.

Maybe Lawrence gets this franchise its first championship, but the bad moments highly outweigh the good. The no-call fumble against the Patriots with a chance to play for the Super Bowl, losing to the Titans in the championship game, losing their first championship game in 1996 after Mark Brunell threw an interception to Willie Clay, and now that we think of it, the Jaguars have three brutal season enders with a chance to make the Super Bowl. That's brutal.