NFL franchise all-time power rankings: Which organization comes out on top?

With more than 100 years of history as an organized football league, the NFL has grown into a powerhouse in sports. However, there are some franchises with more staying power than others. Which one is the top all-time franchise?

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28. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are another team with a shorter history than some on this list, and that has them down in the rankings. The Falcons joined the league in 1966, but they didn’t make the postseason until 1978. There were some “Hail Marys” to make this franchise relevant, like hiring Hall of Fame quarterback Norm Van Brocklin to be their second head coach. 

There just isn’t a lot of good to talk about with the Falcons. They won three Defensive Rookie of the Year awards (including co-winners in 1980). Dan Reeves won Coach of the Year in 1998, which was the same year they went to their first Super Bowl. They kind of went down with a whimper to the Denver Broncos, but a Super Bowl trip is a Super Bowl trip. 

Two players changed everything for the Falcons and they came at very different times. Michael Vick made the Falcons one of the most popular teams in the league when he was drafted in 2001. Vick had the highest-selling jersey for many years. He was on the cover of video games, and he led Sportscenter with his amazing plays. Then, he went to jail, and the Falcons were in turmoil. Luckily for the Falcons, Matt Ryan was available when the Falcons needed him most.

Ryan produced the best Falcons seasons ever. He won their only MVP award in 2016, brought them to the playoffs six times (including in his rookie season), and brought them to the first overtime in Super Bowl history. Unfortunately, the only thing most remember about that day is Tom Brady coming back from a 28-3 second-half deficit to beat the Falcons.