NFL free agency: Predicting the best free agent all 32 teams will sign

The NFL offseason is on the horizon and every team is already planning for next year. Free agency begins on March 13, so here are our predictions for the biggest signing for each team.

Tee Higgins and L'Jarius Sneed will be two of the most coveted free agents on the market. Could they be on the move this offseason?
Tee Higgins and L'Jarius Sneed will be two of the most coveted free agents on the market. Could they be on the move this offseason? / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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The Super Bowl is nearly here, and for all teams not named the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers, the offseason has already begun. All head coaching vacancies but one have been filled, and teams are doing their homework to evaluate free agent targets and organize their draft boards.

The two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl are a time of hope in the NFL. Everybody is watching the final two teams standing and wondering, "How can we get there?" For teams like the Lions and Ravens that fell just short in the playoffs, the answer could be just a signing away. Others are farther off, and they have more modest goals, such as climbing out of last place or setting a foundation for a playoff run in a year or two.

Free agency is often overrated in putting a team over the top. How often does a team "win" the offseason, and then disappoint once the games actually begin? Still, there's no denying that the right acquisition can make all the difference.

Finding the right free agent to help your team is a complex task. General managers must evaluate scheme fit, injury history, and how every potential contract will fit into their teams' salary caps. Signing that prized pass rusher could price a team out of pursuing the wide receiver they need. Chasing secondary help on the open market may cause a team to pivot to the draft to find help for its ailing offensive line.

Putting a team together is an intricate puzzle with many moving parts, but today we'll try to figure out the best free agent that each team will sign once free agency begins on March 13th. In some cases, we even cheated and mentioned more than one! Be sure to reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think. Who do you hope your team acquires? What player would make a great bargain? Remember, even after the Super Bowl ends and the confetti stops falling, the NFL season is never really over. Away we go!

Predicting the best free agent the Arizona Cardinals will sign: Grover Stewart, DT

No team in the NFL allowed more rushing yards than the Arizona Cardinals. Playing in a division with Christian McCaffrey, Kyren Williams, and Kenneth Walker III makes fixing this the organization's top priority this offseason.

It's unlikely Arizona will use their top draft pick (fourth overall) to select a defensive player, with receivers such as Marvin Harrison, Jr. and Malik Nabers standing out as likely choices if available. Instead, the Cardinals will look to use roughly $45 million in cap space to bolster the defensive side of the ball.

Head coach Jonathan Gannon was hired after spending two years as the defensive coordinator of the Eagles, during which time he saw the importance of having a dynamic defensive tackle. And while Gannon's former player, Fletcher Cox, is a free agent after completing a one-year deal in Philly, it feels unlikely that the six-time Pro Bowler will leave the Eagles after spending his entire 12-year career there.

Arizona could make a big push for Chris Jones, but after being a critical component of the Chiefs' success in recent years, it feels more likely that he either stays in Kansas City or signs with another team that is closer to contending.

Grover Stewart of the Colts could be a great option for the Cardinals. The 30-year-old missed six games due to a PED suspension this past season, but when on the field, he was extremely productive, drawing consistent double teams and excelling in stopping the run.

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