NFL injuries today: Latest on Jalen Hurts, Tank Dell, Rhamondre Stevenson Week 13

Here's the latest on Week 13's injuries around the NFL.

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Football is an obviously brutal sport, but no one hopes to see players leave the field due to injury. Nonetheless, each NFL week brings with it bad news for teams and players alike on the injury front.

Here are all the injuries in Week 13 to be aware of as well as the latest updates on what the injury is and how serious they are, as well as a timetable if it's immediately available.

Tank Dell injury update: Latest after star receiver carted off

UPDATE: Tank Dell has suffered a fractured fibula according to Ian Rapoport and is heading for the injured reserve.

Tank Dell went down with a lower leg injury near the end zone after he was tackled and his lower leg was trapped and rolled in a pile-up. He was carted off the field. He was brought to his feet with support to get on the cart, and Ian Eagle was sure to point out that his extremities were all in full movement:

Dell was later listed as out for the game.

The early speculation is an ankle fracture, but there is no official or credible diagnosis yet.

Rhamondre Stevenson injury update: Latest after RB heads to locker room

Rhamondre Stevenson has gone to the locker room after what appears to be an ankle injury.

The hip-drop tackle that injured Stevenson here is one of the most discussed and debated kinds of tackles in the league right now due to the frequency at which it creates injury. It involves the tackler essentially forcing himself to fall and bringing all his body weight down on the offensive player, an intense amount of force in a short period.

Stevenson is officially listed as out for the game.

Kenny Pickett injury: Starting QB replaced after leaving game in pain

Kenny Pickett has been replaced by backup Mitchell Trubisky. Pickett scrambled in the red zone, diving towawrd the goal line to attempt to get a few extra yards. His ankle was grabbed at while another player hit him in the torso.

Pickett was taken to the locker room after leaving the field under his own power and first being examined in the on-field medical tent.

Later, Pickett was ruled out with an ankle injury. He was seen in a walking boot later in the game.

Zach Moss injury update

Zach Moss left the field with trainers. The Colts are already down a man in the backfield with Jonathan Taylor out.

Brian Robinson Jr. is out

Commanders running back Brian Robinson Jr. has been ruled out.

Derek Carr down after roughing the passer

Derek Carr was slow to get up and tended to by trainers after taking a hard hit that was flagged as roughing the passer.

Carr walked off, though the injury cart was brought out for him. Earlier reports indicated he had been carted off, but he walked on his own power. It's been a tough day for Carr, who has received boos from home fans.

It'll be interesting to see if Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston gets most of the Saints snaps with Carr presumably out with 10 minutes left.

Pam Oliver reported that, "his day is done," as Carr is being looked at for a concussion. He is also nursing a shoulder injury.

T.J. Watt walked off the field with a lower leg injury

T.J. Watt left the Steelers game in clear pain with a lower leg injury. He collapsed to the ground writhing upon getting to the sideline. It appeared to be an ankle ailment (right) that the trainers were working on.

Jalen Hurts heads to blue tent, then locker room

Jalen Hurts went to the blue tent and then the locker room to be checked out by the medical staff after getting tackled on a previous play. Center Jason Kelce and backup quarterback Marcus Mariota were said to be practicing snaps on the sideline in case Hurts couldn't come back.

Hurts is being evaluated for a concussion according to reports.

Hurts later returned to the game.