NFL Power Rankings: Projecting the best receiver groups in the league

As we embark on a brand new NFL season, wide receivers have become as much of a premium as they ever have. For the first time maybe ever, the top picks in fantasy drafts are all wide receivers. We're using this time to rank every wide receiver room in the league.
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31. Houston Texans
Top 3: Nico Collins, Robert Woods, John Metchie III

The Houston Texans are "fighting" for that "top" spot with the Panthers, as their wide receiving core got worse over the offseason. The reason they avoid the spot as the worst group is their youth does hold a lot of potential. Trading Brandin Cooks to the Dallas Cowboys and replacing him with Robert Woods does not breed confidence for that room. However, Nico Collins and John Metchie might be pretty good.

Obviously, Collins and Metchie have to prove themselves this year. Metchie is coming back from a fight with Leukemia. He's not ready right now to jump back on the field, but there are a lot of high hopes based on his previous talent. He could be their number one by season's end, or he could still be working his way back on the field.

Collins has been a player we've been hearing about since he joined the league in 2021. He's been thoroughly below average over the past two seasons. He's never hit north of 500 yards in a season, and he's never had more than 100 yards in a game. Collins has the hype again, and he's listed as the top receiver for CJ Stroud. The first two quarterbacks taken are dealing with the two worst wide receiving cores in the league. That's not what you want.