NFL Power Rankings: Projecting the best receiver groups in the league

As we embark on a brand new NFL season, wide receivers have become as much of a premium as they ever have. For the first time maybe ever, the top picks in fantasy drafts are all wide receivers. We're using this time to rank every wide receiver room in the league.
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6. San Francisco 49ers
Top 3: Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Jauan Jennings

The San Francisco 49ers just seem stacked to the gills at every position. Wide receiver is no different. Of course, they have the weapon that is Deebo Samuel, playing primarily wide receiver after his contract negotiation last offseason. With Christian McCaffrey spending the entire season in the Bay Area, Samuel can officially focus all his efforts on running routes.

Last season, Samuel was way below his normal production. He only played 13 games, and he failed to break 700 yards receiving and 250 yards rushing. He always seemed like he was playing hurt. This season, with the full offseason program under his belt, we expect to see the Samuel from two seasons ago.

Brandon Aiyuk has been on the cusp of breaking out for two seasons now. Most expect him to finally take another step in the right direction. If he does, this will be one of the best duos in the National Football League. He had his first 1,000-yard season last year, leading the team. Now, with Brock Purdy the mainstay at quarterback, Aiyuk should be even better.

No matter what, Kyle Shanahan is going to get the best out of this group. He just knows how to run an offense. It doesn't matter who is playing where, that is the X factor here. That's why a player like Jauan Jennings or Ray McCloud could break out.