NFL Power Rankings: Projecting the best receiver groups in the league

As we embark on a brand new NFL season, wide receivers have become as much of a premium as they ever have. For the first time maybe ever, the top picks in fantasy drafts are all wide receivers. We're using this time to rank every wide receiver room in the league.
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5. Seattle Seahawks
Top 3: DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jaxon Smith-Njigba

The Seattle Seahawks have an insane trio at wide receiver. Despite already boasting DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett at the position, they used their first-round pick on Ohio State standout Jaxon Smith-Njigba. This gives the Seahawks easily a top-five unit, with a chance to rise even higher in the ranks. The Seahawks made it a point to build around Geno Smith despite many wondering if they would try to upgrade at QB, curious if last season was all smoke and mirrors.

Starting with Metcalf, he is still one of the best burners in the league. He has elite speed and catching ability, and he put up another 1,000-yard season with Geno Smith at QB. Lockett did the same thing. Having two wide receivers break the 1,000-yard mark, especially with Geno Smith under center, is an amazing accomplishment. Now, they are adding a very skilled receiver in JSN to the mix. This is an insane trio of wide receivers.

How can any defense game plan for these three? It's impossible. There is no trio of cornerbacks that can stop them if they hit their peak.

There are two things holding this team back from being even higher on the list. Metcalf is great, but he is just outside that upper echelon of wide receiver. Every team ahead of this has that one guy who can dominate all by himself. Also, Smith-Njigba had surgery like two weeks ago. We have to see what he is going to look like and whether that will slow him down. For now, this unit seems unstoppable.