NFL Quarterback Rankings: Who has the best starting QB at the halfway point of the NFL season?

Things seem to be getting back to normal after a frantic start to the NFL season, at least as far as quarterbacks are concerned. Where does Joe Burrow rank now and is Patrick Mahomes still the number-one passer?

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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5. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
Previous Rank: 6

The Baltimore Ravens are very quietly opining for "best-in-the-league" status. They just destroyed the division-leading Seahawks and Lions over the last month. Lamar Jackson looks like the same guy who won the MVP. He's getting everyone involved, including propelling Mark Andrews as a top tight end in the league. With Travis Kelce distracted by Swifties, there might be an opening for Andrews to be the best. Jackson is rushing a little less but scoring a little more. His efficiency is through the roof.

4. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Previous Rank: 3

For a superstar quarterback, Jalen Hurts is having a strange season. We called him sneaky average in the previous rankings. That hasn't changed. He's seventh in QBR, seventh in yards per attempt, 10th in QB rating, and sixth in completion percentage. This is a really good quarterback, but with his offensive line, don't you wish the numbers were a little better? He also has eight interceptions on the season. Only Josh Allen, Mac Jones, Sam Howell, and Jimmy Garoppolo have more. He's still a top-five guy, but one needs to ask where would he be without the Tush Push?

3. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills
Previous Rank: 2

What's going on with Josh Allen? He has all these empty stats with these devastating mistakes. The Buffalo Bills have just been a weird team this season, but the passing game is still driving the winning ability. The coaching staff has an air of desperation around them. That's why it seems like they lean on Allen more than most coaching staffs would. That's why Allen is now leading the league in interceptions with nine. Despite that, he still leads the league in QBR. Allen is still great, but he's no longer fighting for number one.

2. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals
Previous Rank: 14

What a difference a month makes. Joe Burrow looked like he was average at best after a rough September. Now, he's the second-best quarterback in the NFL. The Bengals have won four straight games, including back-to-back weeks against the 49ers and Bills. They've looked dominant on offense thanks to Burrow. He has an elite wide receiving group, but some weeks Ja'Marr Chase is the star and other weeks it's Tee Higgins. Burrow is on another level, and he could seriously fight for number one by our next ranking.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs
Previous Rank: 1

It's still Patrick Mahomes. Despite a wide receiver core that has no big name, a tight end that's getting more headlines than touchdowns, a running back room that has mixed results, and not the best offensive line of the Andy Reid era, Patrick Mahomes is still playing like a superstar. He went to Germany and helped beat the Dolphins (although his defense played a big role). Despite the issues, he's still third in QBR. He's thrown for 17 touchdowns, although we don't really know how that's possible with a depth chart led by Rashee Rice, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Justin Watson. Yes, you read that right. Watson is above Kadarius Toney and Mecole Hardman. Mahomes is the reason this team's offense isn't near the bottom of the league. That's what the best in the world can do.

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