NFL Quarterback Rankings: Who has the best starting QB in the NFL right now?

It has been an interesting year for NFL quarterbacks, with the rankings showing a wild change from preseason. Where does Joe Burrow rank after a slow start, is Bill Belichick coaching the worst quarterback in football, and can Patrick Mahomes hold off Josh Allen for number one?

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The NFL is full of great quarterbacks. Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and ... Joe Burrow ... make up the top of the league. At least, coming into this season, Burrow was easily in that conversation. Funny how much doubt can come from just five weeks. While Burrow had his best game of the season in Week 5, it's hard to ignore how bad he was in the season's first month.

Meanwhile, Mahomes has been good, but he hasn't been as good as we're used to from him. That's left a possibility for Josh Allen, who has been fantastic after Week 1, to take over the top spot. Then, there's Tua Tagovailoa, who continues to be a top-tier QB when healthy. He hasn't missed a snap (except when the game is out of hand) this season. And he's been one of the best.

While there's a ton of good, there might be more bad quarterback play this season. Aaron Rodgers' injury has Zach Wilson back in our lives. He looked good when all the Swifties were watching, but the rest leaves a lot to be desired. Mac Jones could be the worst QB in Patriots history. Despite the recent history, there have been some terrible Patriots QBs. None could be this bad. And that's where we begin.

32. Mac Jones, New England Patriots

Mac Jones had everything on the line this season. The New England Patriots showed faith in him when they ended final cuts with only one QB on the roster. He's repaid the favor by being 31st in yards per completion, but second in interceptions. There are other bad QBs. Daniel Jones hasn't been good, but at least he's been sacked 28 times. Jones has been sacked nine times. This might be the last time Mac Jones is even ranked. He might get replaced by Bailey Zappe this week.

31. Zach Wilson, New York Jets

Zach Wilson has been better the past few weeks, but better than historically bad is still bad. The Jets looked lost with Wilson under center for two games, but then they figured it out. Yet, Wilson is still bad. Like, really bad. The Jets basically had to take the ball out of his hands to beat the lowly Broncos. If he can accomplish the feat of not losing his team games, he could move up this list. Not much, but it might get him out of the basement.