NFL Quarterback Rankings: Who has the best starting QB in the NFL right now?

It has been an interesting year for NFL quarterbacks, with the rankings showing a wild change from preseason. Where does Joe Burrow rank after a slow start, is Bill Belichick coaching the worst quarterback in football, and can Patrick Mahomes hold off Josh Allen for number one?

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30. Desmond Ridder, Atlanta Falcons

There was some hope for Desmond Ridder this offseason. He has an insane offense around him. Bijan Robinson is well worth the top-ten draft pick and then some. Drake London was a top pick, and so was tight end Kyle Pitts. The offense has top talents everywhere. They have three amazing running backs. It's weapons upon weapons upon weapons. Yet, Ridder has been just fine. He doesn't seem to be good enough to get the Falcons to the next level.

29. Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers

The first rookie quarterback on this list is also the first quarterback taken in the NFL Draft. The Carolina Panthers paid a handsome price to take Bryce Young, but he hasn't settled into the NFL like his counterparts. Do you think Carolina might be regretting the pick yet? He's last among all starting QBs in QBR. Last. Behind the awful quarterbacks already named on this list. It's sad the Panthers looked better with Andy Dalton under center.

28. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

What a bad start it's been for Daniel Jones and the Giants. He's looked completely incompetent in his first year under his new four-year, $160 million deal. The Giants even doubled down on that deal, making it more expensive to get out of in exchange for $6 million in cap space this season. It's not really Jones' fault he looks this bad. Only Sam Howell has been sacked more than him. He really has no time to throw. Still, we've seen nothing to show this is a superstar QB.

27. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers

It's hard to understand how the Pittsburgh Steelers might feel about their hometown quarterback in year two. Many had Kenny Pickett pegged for a breakout in 2023, but he's actually gone backward. He has the second-worst QBR of any starter in the league. Only rookie Bryce Young is worse. The Steelers have seen at least a few small moments, like the pass to George Pickens to help beat the Ravens, but there are major issues with Pickett's game through five weeks.

26. Gardner Minshew, Indianapolis Colts

This one is pretty hard, but Gardner Minshew is playing in place of Anthony Richardson this week after the rookie had his third injury of his first season. Minshew could have competed for a job with another team this offseason, but he went to Indianapolis to go up against Richardson. Despite Richardson winning the job, Minshew has been in the mix multiple times. He had the come-from-behind win against the Ravens, and he's looking to keep the Colts in the division race until Richardson is healthy.