Did refs screw over Baltimore Ravens in overtime loss to the Colts?

The Ravens had several chances to put the Colts away in Week 3, but a huge missed call by the referees in overtime helped doom Baltimore to a loss.

The officials missed a massive pass interference call in the Ravens' overtime loss to the Colts.
The officials missed a massive pass interference call in the Ravens' overtime loss to the Colts. / Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh isn't afraid to call out officials and he'll have a golden opportunity to do so after his team's narrow overtime loss to the Colts. Baltimore's last overtime drive was stymied when officials failed to call what appeared to be a clear defensive pass interference penalty against receiver Zay Flowers.

The rookie wideout was breaking open against the Indianapolis secondary when he was grabbed and spun around during the middle of his route. Quarterback Lamar Jackson was targeting the former Boston College standout but his pass fell incomplete as a product of the contact.

Did officials screw over Ravens in loss to Colts?

Jackson and the team's coaching staff immediately protested the lack of a pass interference call. It would have given the Ravens an automatic first down and put them in position to give kicker Justin Tucker a chance to win the game in overtime. Instead, the Colts got the ball back and drove down the field to win via a field goal of their own.

Ravens fans should expect to hear a lot of talk about the lack of a call from Harbaugh and players in the coming days. It was a clear miss by officials that directly led to a disappointing loss against the Colts. It was not the only reason Baltimore failed to secure a victory on the afternoon, but it was a high-profile miss by officials.

Fans have to hope that officiating mistakes even out over the course of a full season but that won't satisfy the Ravens after this bitter defeat. The referees missed what should have been an easy call and should be disciplined as a result. That won't do much to satisfy anyone in Baltimore after taking a loss to the Colts.

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