NFL Rumors: 1 perfect trade target for all 32 NFL teams in 2024 offseason

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Carolina Panthers

Trade Target: Hunter Renfrow, WR, Las Vegas Raiders

Three years ago, Hunter Renfrow was one of the league's best slot receivers and Derek Carr's favorite target. In 2021, he caught 103 passes for 1,038 yards and 10 touchdowns, and didn't drop a single pass in 2022. Last season, he averaged only 15 receiving yards per game despite carrying nearly a $13.4 million cap hit. The Raiders are attempting to find a trade suitor, and are likely to just release Renfrow if a deal doesn't materialize.

Trading Renfrow now would save the team over $8 million in cap space and open up some more playing time for a younger player. Once a crucial part of the Las Vegas offense, it would be a big surprise to see him still with the team when the 2024 season kicks off. Even if it's only a future seventh-round pick swap, that's still something for a player who would have been released anyway.

The Panthers are a team that could potentially be a good fit for Renfrow. Bryce Young could use a dependable slot option along with Jonathan Mingo and Adam Thielen (who played the slot last year but is traditionally a boundary target). Renfrow is not flashy, but he is dependable (aside from last year), and after Young's tumultuous rookie season, slowing things down and making him more comfortable should be the priority.

Given his recent performance, Carolina could probably get Renfrow to agree to a reduced salary in exchange for some guaranteed money in an extension, further reducing his $11.9 million cap hit. Something in the range of two or three years at around $6 million to $8 million annually is likely. If they can get Renfrow playing like he did earlier in his career (and he's only 28 years old), Young will benefit.