NFL Rumors: 3 low-key trades Cowboys can make at deadline

While the Dallas Cowboys might not be big-time players at the NFL Trade Deadline, if Jerry Jones wanted to improve the roster, these trades would make that it happen.

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1. Donte Jackson, CB, Carolina Panthers


Alright, let's say the Cowboys get a little aggressive and want to make a splashier move than the ones for Renfrow or Jewell. Perhaps looking to the Carolina Panthers, a team that isn't being shy about being in the market for a wide receiver, for help to fill a defensive hole could help out both organizations in their plights.

For the Cowboys, getting Donte Jackson could be exactly what the doctor ordered with Trevon Diggs out for the rest of the season. DaRon Bland has continued to be solid while moving to the outside, but he's better in the slot while Jourdan Lewis has been problematic taking over for Bland in the slot. Jackson, who has been up-and-down but with extreme flashes, could take the outside spot opposite Stephon Gilmore, moving Bland back into the slot.

The Panthers, meanwhile, would get Michael Gallup in this deal. Since he returned from at torn ACL suffered in 2021 at the start of last season, the Colorado State product hasn't recaptured his mojo in Dallas. He could be in need of a change of scenery, and the Panthers are absolutely looking to get Bryce Young more weapons in the passing game. It could be a great match.

Carolina is getting the more proven player in the trade, so Dallas gets a fourth-rounder this year for a fourth-rounder next year. Perhaps that valuation is slightly off, but the player swap will likely not be enough straight-up. At the end of the day, though, the player swap would be the most impactful aspect for both franchises, particularly with the Cowboys filling the hole created by the Diggs injury.

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